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Heat-resistant liningModels
Heat-resistant lining

ShamoTech is a heat-resistant concrete tiles designed for easy fireplace outer shell building with an excellent close to shamote stone properties. It comes in flat tiles 300mm x 600mm size and 40 mm thickness. ShamoTech slabs are best suited for the outer shell construction of stoves, fireplaces and Hypocaust systems.

Modern fireplaces heat transfer is based on radiation heating of the room with the fireplace outer shell surface. This leads to great advantage, like lowering heating peaks of wood burning and brings comfort temperature to the room. Inside the outer shell temperature can rise up to 300C, but material is heat-resistant to up to 800C.


Environmental friendliness – ShamoTech tiles are natural, eco-friendly and do not endanger you and your loved ones.





Heat capacity of ShamoTech is 1 kJ / (kg * K) to guarantee an optimum return of useful heat to the room up to 3 hours.



ShamoTech is self-supporting and easy to install. Ready to install solutions have been developed for Gavryliv&Sons insert models with technical documentation and step-by-step installation instructions.


Great variability for fireplace design – due to the porous structure, the plates have an ideal surface for applying all types of plasters.
Self-supporting marble portals, ceramic structures can be mounted on the facing surface.




Technical documentation

ShamoTech slab

Technical documentation