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Accumulator stoves have been traditional heating systems for centuries, designed and neatly installed by a professional stove-maker who often has unique skills, which passed down through generations. A large amount of chamotte and storage ceramics, laid by the stove-maker, during the furnace combustion a a lot of heat is accumulated, so that it can be gently give away overnight, without discomfort or dry air. The size of the door varies from very tiny, just for laying wood, to full-size fireplace doors with a wide view of fire.

Traditionally common stoves are based on simple designs with intuitive solutions, usually years and experience. Despite the considerable reliability of such systems, their efficiency is not high. Such furnaces do not withstand time requirements, so we offer solutions based on specially designed furnace doors that can provide efficient combustion to elevate furnace design to a new, modern level.


DPK 400×400 F78

Technical documentation

DPK 600×425 F122

Technical documentation

DPK 700×520 F160

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Why Do People Choose GnS Furnace Doors?



That is why we have created not only an aesthetic but also a safe handle, which does not create visual noise and is compositionally balanced with the modern door design. The thermal conductivity of this handle is low, so even with high heating, the risk of burns will be minimal.

The handle is made of steel, covered with a powder-coated heat-resistant coating, and has a semi-matt texture. The springform of the handle is the aesthetics and traditions of Western philosophy.

The closing mechanism is low-speed, with a roller for reliable operation, and the closing force is conveniently and simply adjustable on the lock.

The handle is symmetrical, so when you change the opening position from left to right, you will not need to buy an extra left-hand copy.



Below the DP series doors are equipped with an air outlet connection from outside the building. The air branch pipes are always round-sized and their standard diameters are 100mm, 125mm, 2x125mm, 160mm and 2x160mm.

All necessary regulators are already installed in the door and have the necessary revisory access from the inside of the door. Such access allows service the mechanism of air supply regulation after furnace building.


Розріз пічних дверцят DPK

Вигляд дверцят серії DPK: DPK40x40F78


Our significant achievement is the development and promotion of unique furnace doors with a classic method of extracting combustion air from the room. This method of supplying air has several advantages:

  • simple installation that does not require air supply from the outside;
  • flexible furnace construction due to compact design;
  • less resistance to the air that does not pass through complex ducts.

Their uniqueness lies in the completely hidden air control system, all possible space for inspection of fire is kept as much as possible. Convenient, almost imperceptible regulators that direct the air flow into the furnace: lower for easy firing, upper for clean glass.

The doors have a high aesthetic component, however, their design provides significant cross sections of the air supply for combustion. For convenience,   the letter F is indicated in the nomenclature of the door and the cross-sectional area is shown in cm, for example, F78, F122, F160.

Mounting dimensions are compact, so a frontal, classic installation is possible.

Schott ROBAX® heat-resistant glass

Standard models: glass with screen printing

Option: double glass

The DPK series has standard models that come with a screen-printed glass by default (solid glass for all door sizes, with black color on the edges).





Individual models: rustic style

Option: double glass with screen printing

You always have the option to order furnace doors of individual size and cross-section of the air supply to solve a unique task. This flexibility allows you to match the size of the door to the existing portal of the ashless open fireplace, to choose a custom design for the furnace, or the best size for tile or chamotte formats. In such doors by default, only one glass is provided – internal. However, the consumer has the right to order glass for doors with screen printing individually sized.



Double glass serves as a heat shield, reducing thermal radiation through the door by 30-50%.



Airflows make it possible for modern top wood burning, and the air supply to the glass ensures its purity for many cycles of work.






Regulator from below the door does not go beyond the overall dimensions, it is simple and reliable. For easy operation, the regulator is made of stainless steel, so it is not afraid of accidental damage and will not change its appearance.






Types of heat

The design of the furnace is selected taking into account the heat emitted through the door and the radiation of the lining of the furnace.

Radiant heat from doors of the furnace with a double glass of small formats is usually 10-15%, full fireplace formats – 20-30%. This is the primary, rapid heat that is felt during burning.

Convective heat from the combustion chamber is usually 45%, which is the heat that quickly heats the exterior cladding. It is of medium duration and is felt shortly after ignition.

The accumulating heat from the cumulative mass is going to be felt after burning, contains a considerable amount of heat, which is slowly emitted by the lining for many hours.


Selection of heat accumulator

The material of the heat accumulator can be made from finished ceramic blocks, which are connected to each other, or from chamotte bricks of different styles.

The weight of the heat accumulator for the furnace is 60-90kg of cumulative mass per 1 kg of firewood. The most common are furnaces for 10 kg loading with 800 kg of cumulative mass.

Exterior heat-conducting plates of chamotte or composite of medium density, 25-30mm thick without ventilation grilles.