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Bakers stoves are a special form of heat accumulation oven. Fresh pastries with a crispy crust from a wood-fired oven have an unmatched, incomparable taste. Wolfshoyer Tonverke baking ovens are available in various designs and sizes. They are suitable for both a private home and for commercial use.


Chamotte types

Wolfshöher Tonwerke specializes in the manufacture of refractory chamotte products. The unique properties of Wolfshöher Tonwerke materials are obtained through a unique clay deposit located at the site of the enterprise and constant scientific research related to the properties of the clay when various chamotte is added to it.
Today, Wolfshöher Tonwerke produces several main types of chamotte:

  • HBO+ – a universal brand of chamotte, most products are made of it. Refractory products of chamotte  HBO+ can be used both for the manufacture of exterior structures of heat storage stoves and fireplaces, as well as for the manufacture of interior structures (hearth and smoke circulation system) having direct contact with fire.
    • Fire resistance: 1 635-1 680оС
    • Thermal conductivity: 0,718-1,006 Wt/m*K
    • Heat capacity: 0,81-1,10 J/kg*K
    • Density: 1 850-1 950 kg/m3
    • Application temperature: 1 200оС
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0,5% of 1 000оС
    • Product color: red-yellow;
  • HSM – heavy fireclay. It has good heat storage properties. It is used for the hearths and smoke channels. Made by extrusion. HSM fireclay refractory products feature simple machining combined with high mechanical strength. According to its properties, chamotte HSM is close to chamotte HBO +, but differs by high density in combination with uniform thermal conductivity, which makes it possible to obtain a large heat-accumulating mass for the same volume of material.
    • Fire resistance: 1 635-1 680оС
    • Thermal conductivity: 0,830-0,920 Wt/m*K
    • Heat capacity: 0,79-1,04 J/kg*K
    • Density: 2 400 kg/m3
    • Application temperature: 1 200оС
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0,6% of 1 000оС
    • Product color: red-brown;
  • HST – fireclay of high density and uniform thermal conductivity. It is characterized by high heat storage properties in combination with high and uniform thermal conductivity over the entire temperature range. Heating stoves and fireplaces made from chamotte products of the HST brand are characterized by fast heating and uniform heat transfer. Due to the high density of chamotte, the size of the furnace can be smaller while maintaining high heating abilities..
    • Fire resistance: 1 635-1 680оС
    • Thermal conductivity: 1,180-1,240 Wt/m*K
    • Heat capacity: 0,78-1,19 J/kg*K
    • Density: 2 800 kg/m3
    • Application temperature: 1 200оС
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 0,8% при 1 000оС
    • Product color: red-brown;

Products from the HST chamotte brand are not used for the manufacture of hearth, and should not be used in the same layer as products from other chamotte brands.

  • HBW – special chamotte, products of which are distinguished by exact dimensions and very high strength. HBW grade chamotte is also made for Hurdis slabs for the manufacture of horizontal surfaces of heating stoves and fireplaces.
    • Fire resistance: 1 635-1 680оС
    • Density: 1 850-1 950 kg/m3
    • Application temperature: 1 200оС
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion: smaller 0,5% of 1 000оС
    • Product color: yellow;
All of the above chamotte brands are fireproof by German standards. In Germany there is a special requirement for refractory materials that can be used in the manufacture of heating fireplaces and stoves. Material that can apply for use in fireplaces and stoves must withstand 30 cycles of heating and cooling. This experiment is carried out by heating the product in an oven to a temperature of 900C, and then quenching under running water.
All Wolfshöher Tonwerke products pass this test. Chamotte HBO + withstands more than 50 cycles!But the data on the results of similar tests for other materials that are used for masonry stoves and fireplaces:

  • Red solid brick – does not withstand 10 cycles;
  • Industrial fireclay brick – does not withstand 16 cycles;